Rocketbike ARVR has developed a demo app for Oculus Go, which plays stereoscopic videos in a virtual cinema environment. The app displays all available videos on a grid wall, allowing each video to be individually selected and then viewed while seated in a 3D cinema environment.

The app’s menu, design and environments offer the flexibility to be configurable. They can be branded and customized or rebuilt as per the customer’s request. In addition to stereoscopic videos, interactive 3D objects can also be featured, for example as product presentations.

Additionally, the application can display 3D images as a stereoscopic slide show. The featured stereoscopic videos and images in the app were produced in collaboration with tausend Rosen Film Production in Vienna, Austria.

The immersive and three-dimensional aspect of a virtual cinema provides a whole new level of content viewing experience, allowing the viewers to almost reach out and touch the content.

VR is the perfect medium for stereoscopic videos and Rocketbike ARVR’s new demo app provides the perfect platform.